Part 1 in How to Have an Amazing Dance Recital Experience in 5 Easy Steps

It will soon be that very special time of year for all dance students and their families; the dance recital. The dance recital showcases all the hard work of dance lessons as soon as your child hits the stage! As an accomplished dance instructor, I have seen many children in our dance classes do well in recitals, and the key to an amazing experience is preparation. I am happy to report that with just five easy steps, you and your child will have a wonderful recital experience.

Step 1:  Good Attendance

The number one thing you can do to prepare your child their big moment is by having good attendance! Starting today set a goal for your child to have perfect attendance at their dance studio for the rest of the year.  The repetition of practicing their dance is important for all levels of dancers from toddlers to professionals!

In addition to practicing their dance, is especially important for little ones and first timers to go through the motions of what will happen at the theater. The more your child practices all aspects of the recital, the more secure they will feel.

There are many things I do to prepare my younger dance students.  We walk from one room to another pretending to go from the “dressing room” to “the stage”. I teach them how to make their train and walk quietly.  Together, we try sitting with the lights off and finding our letters “in the dark.” There are some youngsters that get a bit nervous in the dark, but if they have done it before, it is less worry-some once at the theater. Students also practice in front of people by performing for other students, and periodically for parents. This way the kids can feel what it is like when they are being watched in addition to the sound of thunderous applause!

As you can see, attendance is very important!  Practice will allow you to see your star performer shinning on stage!

Part 1 in a 5 part series. Come back next week for step two in helping your child make a wonderful memory and have an amazing dance recital experience! For more information of excellent dance classes in the North County San Diego area go to

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